• January 11, 2024
  • Washim Sarwer
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If you want to buy LOL accounts U7Buy has everything you need! Cheap LOL accounts and the best prices are just one click away! The new League of Legends esports season is about to start. Here we are in 2024 marking the 14th year. We have changes to the global competitive events. The locations for some of the tournaments have already been decided. But first, let’s take a moment to celebrate past achievements and players. The League of Legends Esports Hall of Legends was created with this purpose in mind. A team of LoL experts and veterans was put together to vote for the first inductee. While we wait for the result, let’s see what the 2024 season will bring.

The 2024 League of Legends Competitive Global Changes

The number one goal for the 2024 season was to take the competition in the international events one step further. The most significant change for last year was to remove the games from MSI and Worlds that did not count for the end results of the tournament. The objective for 2024 is to raise the stakes for MSI and enhance its connection to Worlds. As a result, the 2024 season will have a base of three World slots. We have two slots for PCS and VCS just like before. One slot is for LLA and CBLOL. The purpose of the changes is to make way for new opportunities for teams and regions to demonstrate their skills and obtain extra Worlds slots following their MSI performance. A new rule has been established. The team that wins the MSI gets one guaranteed spot for Worlds. This also serves as one extra region slot. The second-best MSI team gets an extra region seed. Teams that get their Worlds spot early on also must qualify for the Summer Playoffs corresponding to their region. The LEC makes an exception.

When and Where Will the League of Legends MSI and Worlds 2024 Take Place?

We are all eager to find out when and where these tournaments will happen. League of Legends is a popular game and fans all over the world will want to cheer for their teams. Some will get the chance to support their favorites in person. The MSI takes place in Chengdu, China. The date is May 1st – 19th. It’s the first time that a League of Legends event of this caliber takes place in Chengdu. More details on this year’s MSI will arrive at a later date. We have known since last year that Worlds 2024 will take place in Europe. The Worlds tournament will begin in Berlin, Germany. The location is the revamped Riot Games Arena. This is where the Play-Ins and the Swiss stages will take place. The next stop is the Adidas Arena in Paris, France for the quarterfinals and semifinals. For the finals, we will travel to England’s capital, London. The venue is none other than the O2 Arena. The Worlds tournament will start on September 25th and will end on November 2nd.

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